Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Can you say... BUSY!

I haven't blogged since I got back from Vegas nor right before I went. So I missed out on my first "Thursday Thoughts" and on my "Sunday Worship." Vegas will have to wait till another post....
So due to UH's wonderful system and not having an advisor at the Sugar Land campus until now, I have now discovered that I have 6 additional classes I was not aware of left to take. So after lot of thinking and praying I have decided to take 24 hours this semester. YES I am CRAZY! NO I will NOT have a life for the next 3 months. Its the 3rd day and I am already stressed!
I want all my dear friends to know I still LOVE you just as much but you won't hear from me as much for a couple months, but boy you better be ready cause come the Holidays I am gonna be SO ready to have some Christmas festivities and spend time with those I love! On another note, Brian is starting his first day of Technical school next Monday, he is going to Wharton and doing a program through TSTC (Texas State Technical School) which is the best in Texas! So please keep him in your prayers as this is what he should of done from the start.. But hey everyone has a planned laid out for them! That's it for now! I'm gonna make up for my Sunday blog now......

Oh ya AND were headed to Dallas this weekend to see one of our FAVORITE families, THE JONES!! !Were so so excited, counting down till Friday... LOTS of pics to come when we return from there!

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Anonymous said...

I did 24 hrs my last semester at school and I worked. So you can definitely do it!!!! And shockingly it was my best GPA. Maybe that is because all my friends had already graduated. haha! By the way this is my 1st ever Blog comment :) - LB


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