Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What happens in VEGAS stays in Vegas....

That's right Ladies... Headed to Vegas on Aug. 19th (My mom's Birthday)
Here's my Vegas history!
Aug 05' surprised Mom with a trip to Vegas for her 50th Birthday! Stayed at the Wynn only a month after opening!

Mom and I in front of The Mirage

August 06' dad decides let's go back again, we stayed at the Bellagio

Mom and I in some hotel... Don't remember!

June 07' the bestie is ready to move back from AZ to Houston! I went up and stayed with her and we made a little trip to Vegas then headed home to Houston!

November 07' just a short months after meeting one of my really good friends, Kelli... She invited me to Vegas full trip paid for during Thanksgiving Break! We bonded so much during this time and have so so many pictures and memories to prove it... I'll resist and only post 1 ok maybe 2!

Day 1: Land Shark and Marg @ Margaritaville = 15 bucks!

LONG night @ VooDoo!

Uhh I wanna post so many more... But I won't!

So this will be my 5th year in a row to go! I have that place memorized! I am so Thankful for all the opportunities I have had to go, People tell me to live it up and travel while I'm young without kids! So I am doing so with going to Cancun in October and a cruise out of Ft Laurderdale in Jan to visit the Bahamas, St. Marteen, and St. Thomas!

Things we plan on doing while in Vegas:
Dinner with the Patent's (Rebekah's fam) She will be there the week we are! TROUBLE, 3rd year there together!
Terrry Fator Show
Wax Musuem
Some night club Bekah wants to go to
And we'll see where else the road takes us!

Pics to come! I hope everyone allows themselves the oppurtunites to explore in life! I enjoy not going out on weekends and saving my money so I can do things such as trips!

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the tichenor family said...

so jealous of your many vegas trips... I have yet to go!!

you have to check out my new shopping feature on my blog and play along!!! xoxo


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