Monday, July 20, 2009

Started with a BANG ended with a BOOM

What an exciting yet devastating weekend!
Friday night I met 2 very special girls, Katie and Cara for dinner at Pei Wei, we enjoyed laughs and story after story of talking!
Katie and I then proceeded to Mo's in Katy to celebrate Kelli's Birthday! I didn't stay long but had a good time while I was there!
Woke up early Saturday morning and headed to HWC for H~Town Showdown

Some of our close/great friends joined us out at the tournament. Boy was I nervous to compete, I signed up as soon as I got there and within 20 mins was trying to back out! But luckily the Beau wouldn't let me! So we competed, he got 1st!!!! I do not know what I got, I did not even care to check, knowing I did not get 1-3rd which is what you get the prizes for! After spending the day in the hott heat enjoying watching some amazing riders we decided to pack up and head to the river with the Lenz's included! That night we went up to Dido's and had some yummy food while sitting out by the water listening to a great Band my parents friend Rick got to come out and play. We were all so exhausted, ended the night with watching tv and falling asleep while the boys and Megan fished outside!
Sunday morning we woke up, ate some breakfast and headed out on the water.
After being out for a couple hours, spending some time at the little place we call "the beach" Morty decided to ride. This only being his 2nd time to ride! He was doing great! We got some great pictures and aughs out of him riding, then all of a sudden he starts to fall and Morty being stubborn decided he isnt going to let go..... Long story short we get back to him, Brian helps him on the boat, he calls his mom, I call 911... I speed home in the pouring rain, heart raching 90 miles an hour... I turn the corner to my house and see the ambulance waiting and I loose it, I mean I absolutely lost it. Thank God I had my best friend Megan there to calm my nerves while Brian is sitting on the back supporting Morty. After we have to file a police report, the paramedics get him off the boat and on the stretcher he is off to the hospital. Now that I am balling I am going to wrap up the story, he broke his femur in 3 places, had surgery around 8pm last night, will be in the hospital recoving till Wed. and man is he a trooper! Love you Morty and can't wait till your up and running again! I'm praying every day for a speedy recovery! Special thanks to Megan for all her help and understanding through everything yesterday!

What a weekend... ready for a busy week ahead!

Please keep Morty in your prayers as this is a HUGE set back in his life at a difficult time for him!


Indian Railways said...

good god funny :)

♥ H ♥ said...

In the 16 years I've known him,Morty has been through some crazy stuff and hurt himself too many times to count. He is a tough guy! Don't worry :)


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