Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend ReCap!

Hello fellow blogger friends..
What a nice real axing weekend I had, for once! Went to the river house with the boyfriend and one of my friends Bekah (Sorority sister from UH) We just chilled, looked at Magazines, wakeboarded (Bekah did as well, yay Bek) and of course ate!
Brian and I went to see the Hangover last night down by the river house, funny funny movie! Gotta see it! We do not make it to the movies often and it was def worth it!

This coming weekend, I am really excited about! Friday is my good friend Kelli's B~day! We are going out to dinner and her favorite dance spot (Mo's) which is where she meant her lover John! Then Saturday some of our good dear friends are joining us for a wakeboard competition (h town showdown) Brian rode in it last year and I think I am as well this year, so scared but excited at the same time, thanks Danielle for helping me make this discussion!

That's it for now!

Well lets go over some weekend I'm excited for:
Next weekend: Mo's, H~Town Showdown and maybe Cross Canadian Ragweed
The 25th: Rock climbing with Redwood
The 31-2: The Lenz familes X 2 coming to the river and hopefully Mer and her little fam!
The 8th: George Strait baby!
Sept 4-6th: Charlie Robinson @ Gruene Hall and eating at Oasis and hopefully going out on Lake Travis!

Lots of pics to come!

Have a blessed week!

With love,

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♥ H ♥ said...

Sounds like an exciting weekend!!!


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