Thursday, April 9, 2009

One busy lady...

Is it really already almost mid April? Oh boy how time flies. Yet I LOVE everyday of it!

So much has happened since my past post. My most exciting news would be that I am now one of my dear girlfriend's bridesmaids. Megan asked me last Thursday to be part of her amazing celebration! We both felt I should of been part of this special day from the very beginning but had mixed feelings due to the short amount of time we had known each other. I am so blessed and honored to be part of this special event in Megan's life. Ok enough or I'm going to start crying!
Starting where I left off...
Last weekend was very relaxing and chill. Friday I taught 1st grade @ Faith Lutheran School and headed to the river for a night of fishing with my love after I got off. Saturday I wasn't feeling up to par so kinda laid around all day and hung with my parents and Brian, came home Saturday night for a special church service Sunday morning.

Brian's mom has been working the past couple months on a skit with the children ministry at church and we defiantly wanted to be there to see her work.
Week began with me shopping on Monday for pink and silver shoes! I planned on just "looking and going back Wed. with my mom to purchases them, well I didn't plan on finding such bargains! I got my pink shoes at TJ Maxx for 19.99 and my silver shoes for Megan's wedding @ DSW for 25.00! I couldn't let these deals go, so I went ahead and purchased my shoes and told my mom we would still go Wed to find her white shoes for Easter.

Tuesday Brian and I joined about 15 of my high school buds for drinks and a winning Astros game!

Trying to get a pic of everyone there at once was not easy nor was getting a pic of 2 rows of people so were missing a few here...

Shauna, Emily, Rachel,and I @ the b.u.s. before the game!

Wednesday I did some damage shopping with my mom. We went to DSW by the galleria followed by home depot, Mega Marshalls off I-10 and then a brief trip to Memorical City. Actually now that I think about it, I didnt really do much damage, I got some stuff for Megan's next shower and I got a Lucky purse, so I did good (compared to mom).
Ended the day by spending it with the bride-to-be and 3 of her maids. We went to one of Megan's final dress fittings, out to dinner, and then stuffed invitations @ Mer's house!

Tomorrow will be a longg day, we are meeting my dad's whole side of the family in Kemah for out Easter celebration. We have not seen my dad's brother and my cousins in over 4 years. Tomorrow will be a hard day seeing my Auntie Cousin Joy for the first time since she has gone down hill, Please continue to pray for her! We will end the night having a game night @ the Lenz's which I'm so excited about. Pictures to follow!!

Leave me some comments on what you think of this dress... Too loud? Too Stripy? I'm dying to have it, found it on Nordstrom's website! May be my next purchase....

Until next time...
Have a blessed Easter Weekend


the tichenor family said...

that dress is adorable! love it.

kate said...

I love reading your new blog! and the dress is super cute...go for it!


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