Monday, May 4, 2009

April/First of May Re-Cap!

No it should not be a whole month re-cap, it should be WEEKEND re-cap but life just has not allowed me blogging time, which I must admit, I have dearly missed and sadly neglected! I was told by a few lady friends this weekend that I had too much going on, not to blog..
So I am going to try and go over the past month in pictures (pictures are more fun than text anyways right ladies)
Starting with Good Friday, we joined my dad's side of the family down at Kemah Boardwalk for a great day of fun, sun, laughter, and yummy food.

Mom and I in our paisley yellow for Easter!

The Crew on Good Friday including my dad's cousin Joy aka my 2nd cousin aka Auntie Cousin Joy to me... A few post ago I briefly discussed we were in the process of multiple test and doctor's appointment's with her, she has gotten terminally ill very fast. Come to find out she has MS and not much longer to live. She lost her ability to walk within 2 weeks. Very sad, please oh please keep her in your prayers. Mom and I are hoping she is still stable enough to take her to Galveston next week for the day just to drive around, she loves the ocean and we want her to have as many happy moments as possible in these next couple months. Love you Auntie Cousin!
Ok whoa done crying...

Easter Sunday was spent with my family and our adoptated daughter Rebekah aka my pledge sister in Chi Omega our 1st year at UH!

Followed with Easter Bunny Baskets @ my house and Crawfish @ Mark's!

I LITERALLY RAN after the ice cream truck! SO SO excited, my love had to take pics of me and the excitement!

My brother, Brian and about 15 of their friends play softball @ New Territory field, I took BOTH the dogs one night, boy was I a brave soul!

The following weekend was set aside for my long over due awaited garage sale! I was very sad to miss my dear Bride to Be's shower that was going to be on Saturday. Due to a VERY successful garage sale on Friday and mother nature, I decided Friday afternoon to load up what was left and take it to good will and suprised Megan at her shower on Saturday!!!!!

Megan with 2 of her loving Bridesmaids and me with 2 of my best friends!

The following weekend I don't remember what I did besides take my special friend Trisha's engagement pics on Sunday @ Herman Park along with the help of my friend Mike C who also enjoy's photography!
Here's a brief view!

Mike C is for hire for any pics, FYI! Cheap with great skill!

We spent the following weekend at a GCWA( Gulf Coast Wakeboarding Association) event that I was introduced to about 3 and a half years ago, my dad is a sponsor and I follow their Forum on a daily basis..
Texas Round Up!

Jamie and I relaxing after ALL the set up!

Our Set-Up!

Eating YUMMY watermelon

Little Duebie, One of the guys we rode with... I hope to be this good some DAY!

EVERY color wake boat you can imagine, basically HEAVEN in my eyes!!!!!

Jamie and I with our new friend Michelle.. Listening to the Live band Texas High Life

Gracies new shirt.. "Aqua Pup" Laila's says "Wake Pooch"

The First weekend of May Started off with a BANG!

I enjoyed a Megan filled weekend! Fri night we had dinner with her parents and watched 20/20 followed with a shower @ Terry's house Saturday and then off to Hotel ZaZa for her bachlorette party! I have over 200 pics. here's just a few to preview!

All the WONDERFUL ladies who attended the fabulous night!

Megan & her Maids!

I MUST add this past Saturday was my dear loving boyfriends Birthday and he was so understanding of my part in the wedding and we celebrated his B-day Thursday night and Sunday evening!

Weekends I look forward to:
This coming weekend~ Relaxing at the river and doing some much needed practice Wakeboarding!

Weekend of the 15th~ Going to Megan and Rebekah's graduations followed my lunch's and then Saturday heading to Dallas for my sweet cousin Terri's Wedding in the country! Got my cowgirl boots ready for that weekend:)

Weekend of the 22nd~ the BIG long awaited wedding weekend filled with Bridal luncheon, Rehearsal Dinner and the Wedding!!!! Still wanting to loose a lot of weight before this weekend!!! Say your prayers for me, thanks in advance :)

And the next Fabulous Weekend that I just can't wait for is June 13th, the crawfish boil @ Bernard!

So thats basically my past month recap in pictures...

Oh and another big thing, I applied for and got accepted into KDP (Kappa Delta Pi) the International Honor Society of Education @ UH! I am so honored and look forward to becoming involved with this amazing organization!

Oh and one more thing! I am done with another semester! Signed up and ready for the summer and fall classes!!

Oh, leave some comments on what you think of my new layout :)

I hope all you lovely ladies have a wonderful and blessed week/weeks, until next time!

Thanks for reading!

PS Heather is you read this.. I MISS YOUR PRETTY FACE! WHEN CAN I SEE YOU?


Heather said...

haha you're so funny with that last scentence!

You've been so busy! as have I. I love the new layout but you knew that bc I commented on your pic on fb! So cool! Looks like it should be an ad for either the river or wakeboarding. I CAN'T WAIT TIL JUNE 13th!! Lauren and I were just discussing it on Saturday ha! FUNN!!!!

Chris & Danielle Lenz said...

I personally love your new layout! And most of all I love catching up with all that is going on with you! I am so glad that we had an amazing weekend together and so glad that its brought us back to the way we used to be. I look forward to all the events planned in the near future and all the great memories we will share! Love you!


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