Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Thursday!

Hope everyone has had a blessed week! I don't have much to blog about but I'm craving some blog time! I'll start off with last weekend, Fri nt I enjoyed staying home alone and I just scrap booked and watched Jon and Kate plus 8 all night! Saturday morning a couple of my dear girlfriends Bailey and Kristen joined me in raising money for MDA in support of my brother! We participated in Stride and Ride for a Cure, over a couple months period we raised $800. GO TEAM DB! Brian's step mom also participated and helped in the money raising. Love her dearly! Over all MDA raised around $230,000 from that one event! Did you know it costs $80.00 to hire scientist to do 1 yes 1 minute of research?!? I enjoy raising money to help send the kids with MD to summer camp, which it cost $800 for each kid. After medical bills, most of these kids parents don't have money to send them to summer camp, so that's where our contributions come in :) After the walk on Saturday I spent the day with my mom going to a craft show and lunch then met my dear friend Megan for some shopping and a nice dinner continuing my night with drinks with Heather and Bailey, whoa what a day!Here's a few pics from Saturday!

Me, Bailey, and Kristen with our Team DB buttons MDA made for us!

Kris and Bailey with the letter's I made for them, thanking them for their support :)

The walk was @ Minute Maid Park... here's the new rest that took place of ruggles! 2 of my FAV players, I'm excited to check it out this season!

Heather, Bailey, and I @ Loggia for a few cold ones!
My weekend ended Sunday with the usual Lifetime and school work Sundays!
Week has been good, just busy with school and family situations. One of them being my Auntie Cousin Joy ( my dads cousin, so my 2nd cousin) got diagnosed with ALS this week, we knew the news wasn't going to be good but didn't know it would be this dramatic. They have given her 6-12 months to live :( so we have been coping with that as a family! My mom is going with her on Monday to a specialist to see if there is anything we can do, please say your prayers!

This weekend is just going to kinda be chill, I planned on going to Meredith's precious new jewelry line show but the boyfriend is dying to go to the river and I have been putting it off for weeks so I caved and said we could go this weekend but will be back Sat night to go bowling with some friends followed with a special church service on Sunday!

Looking forward to next week, going to the Astros 2nd game Tuesday night with a big group of friends I graduated with and enjoying the weekend celebrating Easter!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Sorry if this blog was kinda lame and just about what I've been doing and going to do! ha!


Chris & Danielle Lenz said...

I'll be praying for your aunt and family!

Anonymous said...

Dude so call me and we can scrap!!! Kenny works nights so I scrap after the kids go to bed!


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