Saturday, November 12, 2011

November- Thankful Thanksgiving 9&10

 November 9: Today I am thankful for life. Yes just simple life! After experiencing thankful #1, I have had a complete different outlook on life.. I used to be quick to judge people by their looks or what they do or things they said, no I am not proud of this but I'm strong enough to admit I USED to do these things and I do not anymore! My outlook on it is that you do not know what that person has been through nor do you know what they might currently be going through. I see looks people give my Bubba when we are in public all the time or hear people make comments about the immature things he says, I have learned to just swallow with pride and tell myself my Bubba is perfect just the way he is!!! 
With all that aside cause that is not where I was going with my thankfulness..... A young man I went to grade school with took his life last Thursday, unfortunately I am unable to attend his service due to my commitment in student teaching. I am thankful that although life has had me down in the dumps sometimes and I've had to go to some serious counseling in my life, I was able to over come those hard times and stand tall and proud today!

November 10th: I am thankful for ALL of my friends! Really old friends (as in known for a long time..,) old friends, and new friends!

November 11th: Today I am thankful for our TROOPS and VETERANS! Happy Veterans day to all those who have served! All those currently serving, return home safe and know that your service is appreciated!!!


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Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Such a special time to count our blessings!


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