Friday, May 20, 2011

What I'm supposed to be doing... Rehersal Dinner

As we speak we are supposed to be enjoying our rehearsal dinner.. Well if you have been following my blog or your a personal friend, you know that we had to move our date back in order to prioritize for our future and what would be best for us. I'm 110% happy and OK with this decision, to be honest the fact that the wedding was supposed to be this weekend really has not bothered me. I haven't really talked to anyone about it, no tears have been shed, and I'm actually kind of glad it's not this weekend with the stressful semester I had.

I was excited to wake up today knowing that I got to go see two little one's that I just adore! I got to spend a few hours today with one of my flower girls, one of my matron of honor's, and one of my ring bearers (he doesn't know he is one yet and I have not asked his parents since he's only 2 months old, but I will be asking them when I start working on planning again ;)
I also got a nice jog in today and spent some time at the gym. Now the thing that has probably kept my mind off of the 'wedding weekend' is I'm packing to head out on a 7 day Bon Voyage with Brian's Dad and step family and other friends on Sunday and his step-mom is so awesome for picking this weekend for us to set sail since the wedding plans had to change!

As we set sail we will be celebrating:
Brian's Dad's 60th Birthday
Brian, his brother Mason, and friend Austin's Birthdays
College graduations

Pics to come!


Anonymous said...

dear jenn,
"good things come to those who wait" -- do not know where quote is from but i am a firm believer in that all things happen just when they are supposed to.
have a wonderful time on your trip and just think how much more you will appreciate your wedding events because they were when everyone was ready for them!!
katie m's friend terry

Happy Healthy Runner said...

i love you and your positivity. i am so honered to have you as one of my best friends!


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