Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blog Book

It seems as though I've had a new outlook on technology, both good and bad...

For the bad part- I feel as though technology can often fail us.. As though it wont' always save everything of might clear out what you do have just randomly one day...

For the good part- Technology is so accessible and advanced and can make tasks so much easier these days!

With that being said, lately I've had a slight fear of not being able to access my blogger one day or to be more exact that eventually my very first post from
March 9 2009 will no longer exist in cyber space...

So I'm wanting to begin creating a 'blog book'

How easy is it? I do not want something that I have to position every box, text, picture etc..

What is the best site?
Pro's and cons...

Or none of the above?

I think making a blog book will be so fun to look back on one day and see all the fun times I've had, the things I've shared, the trends I liked and blogged about etc, and one thing I really look forward to making is something to do with my title page designs..

Check out a few of my FAVS I've had over time Thanks to my sweet friend Danielle
I can't find me first design, but I know I have it saved somewhere :)

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