Monday, June 29, 2009

Not much to say.. Just eager to blog!

Hello fellow blogging friends! I don't have much to blog about but been on reading a lot of other blogs and was dying to blog!
What an exciting weekend I had, Friday during the day Brian and I spent the day in Galveston going to Schliterbahn. 2 summer's ago when Brian and I first started dating he had a season pass so needless to say we went ALL the time. I'm talking like the first month we started dating! We went about 4 times, I remember we would float the lazy river thing and just hold each others float and talk. I was so nervous and giddy! Ok enough sappy talk! The reason Brian's dad got him a season pass is for the boogie bahn they have there. As most of you know Brian is great at any extreme sport he tries...
here's a video of Brian's first time doing the bahn after 2 years... Listen close for the ooohhh's and ahhhh's :)

Our cruise we have planned for the first week of Janurary 2010 has 2 of these bahn's on the ship.... Brian plans on spending most of his time there!

Friday night I had some last minute family come in town from Dallas/Ft Worth area. Saturday some of my girl cousins and I spent the day decorating and setting up for my Uncle's 50th Surpise Birthday Party, which was lots of fun! I had planned on going to a wedding that night but was not able to make it since I had family staying at my house, I feel really bad and hope the Bride's day was everything she ever imagined.

Saturday night we met some friends at Kona Grill for some sushi followed by a night of bowling till 2 am!

What a FUN weekend this is going to be, its the 4th which always entitles Sun, Friends, Fun, & Water! We are really looking forward to the weekend!

Lots of pictures to come!

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♥ H ♥ said...

how fun!! I wanna go to that one in Galveston! Haven't been!

I'm studying for my test this weekend ugh!


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